Main 2-channel system

Vinnie Rossi LIO modular system with:
DHT PRE (directly heated triode preamp currently with EH 2A3 tubes)
DAC 2.0 (Dual AKM AK44497EQ chips per channel PCM 768 DSD 12, FPGA Femto-clock)
Phonostage with remote cartridge loading

Vinnie Rossi VR120 ultracap Amp, Class B MOSFET with 120 watts/chan @ 8 ohm.

Joseph Audio Perspective speakers
Analogue source: Acoustic Signature Wow XXL turntable with Hana Shibata SH moving coil cartridge
Digital source: Roon 1.4 running on a MacBook Air with Synology NAS

Bryston BDP-3 digital audio player

Raspberry Pi 3 with Hifiberry digi+ Roon digital streamer

Audioquest Cinnamon digital signal interconnects
Cardas Speaker Wire

Head-Fi Gear

Heavily modded Beyerdynamic T70ps (magic worked by

Oppo PM-3 closed back Planar Magnetics
MrSpeakers Ether Flow open back Planar Magnetics

Computer accessories
LH Labs Geek Out 450 DAC/HPA, V.1
CEntrance Hi-Fi Skyn
Audioquest Dragonfly Red

Desktop head-fi
Schiit Audio Modi Multibit DAC

Schiit Audio Vali 2 tube amp

Raspberry Pi 3 with Hifiberry digi+ Roon digital streamer

Onkyo DP-X1 digital audio player