Main 2-channel system

Vinnie Rossi LIO modular system with:
DHT PRE (directly heated triode preamp currently with Svetlana 811-10 triodes)
DAC 2.0 (DualĀ AKM AK44497EQ chips per channel PCM 768 DSD 12, FPGA Femto-clock)
Phonostage with remote cartridge loading

Vinnie Rossi VR120 ultracap Amp, Class B MOSFET with 120 watts/chan @ 8 ohm.

Joseph Audio Perspective speakers
Analogue source: Acoustic Signature Wow XXL turntable with Hana Shibata SH moving coil cartridge
Digital source: Roon 1.5 running on a Roon Nucleus with Synology NAS

Bryston BDP-3 digital audio player

Raspberry Pi 3 with Hifiberry digi+ Roon digital streamer

Audioquest Cinnamon digital signal interconnects
Cardas Speaker Wire

Head-Fi Gear

Oppo PM-3 closed back Planar Magnetics

MrSpeakers Ether Flow open back Planar Magnetics

MrSpeakers Aeon Flow closed back Planar Magnetics

Sennheiser HD700 open back dynamic drivers

Audeze Mobius closed back planar magnetics

Computer accessories
LH Labs Geek Out 450 DAC/HPA, V.1
CEntrance Hi-Fi Skyn
Audioquest Dragonfly Red

Desktop head-fi
Schiit Audio Jotunheim Multibit DAC/ HPA

Bryston BDP-Pi streamer

Onkyo DP-X1 digital audio player

Cayin N5ii DAP